We the People: Law & Civics in America
Mr. LaFortune

Syllabus & Course Documents


Intro to Law Class Notes

Intro to Law PowerPoint

Intro to Law Final Project

International Criminal Court

Crimes Against Humanity Hearing

ICC Crimes

Criminal Mock Trial

Criminal Mock Trial Fact Pattern

Civil Mock Trial

Civil Mock Trial Fact Pattern

Mock Trial Documents

Mock Trial Rules of Evidence & Procedure

CA Rules of Evidence (Nice Examples for Objections)

Sample Witness Affidavit

Rules of Evidence (Mock Trials)

Video Review Questions

A Civil Action Video Questions

Jeopardy Review Games

   Jeopardy Law Unit I Round I

   Jeopardy Law Unit I Round II

   Jeopardy Law Unit II Round I

   Jeopardy Law Unit II Round II

   Jeopardy Law Unit II Round III

   Jeopardy Law Unit III Round I

   Jeopardy Law Unit III Round II

   Jeopardy Law Unit IV Round I

   Jeopardy Law Unit IV Round II

   Jeopardy Law Unit V Round I

   Jeopardy Law Unit V Round II

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